Faerûn Pathfinder version

First Adventure

The story begins on a large ship sailing across the Dragonmere Sea.

Background Information

Odd occurrences have been happening across Faerun the past few years. The evil city of Zental Keep has been expanding again, and has subjugated some of the cities in the Eastern Dales (Scaredale, and Hillsfar). To the far East, Zental Keep has been rumored to have expanded into the Moonsea all the way to Phelan. Even Farther East, the Thayen Empire has been up to their usual mischief, as they too have recently invaded the Northern Moonsea, but their advancement has allegedly been halted by a group of adventurers.

Additionally, the cult of the dragon, has been out in force and acting even more stranger than usual. A few cities in Southern Faerun are rumored to have secretly fallen to the cult, with their city leaders being no more than a puppet government for the cult.

In the once powerful kingdom of Comir, several cities have been brought to chaos after Zental spies have infiltrated the town watches and perhaps, the army as well. These spies have caused countless amounts of damage to the empire through sabotage and the deaths of several local leaders and key officers.

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